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Hi!  I'm  Doctor Evka!

I help guide families on a journey of understanding when it comes to their young children's feeding difficulties.   I help caregivers of under 5 year olds who have a limited variety of "safe" foods,  (i.e, food allergies or picky eating),  "lack of hunger", or  medical symptoms that might contribute to a "fear of feeding". 

About Doctor Evka.

Do you feel alone at the start of your feeding journey with your baby, toddler, or preschooler when feeding does not go as planned?  Do you feel like there might be something missing in your knowledge base but you do not even know what questions to ask? Does your young child have a limited range of foods, and you are worried about nutrition?  Does he or she have concerning behaviors like seldom appearing hungry?  Are you noticing medical symptoms, and are you concerned that they may be contributing to fear of feeding?    Well, welcome! I get you.  I understand that feeding difficulties  are not one-size-fits-all and that not every family has the same concerns around food.   I would like to guide you from a place of fear and overwhelm to one filled with a sense of additional freedom and knowledge-based control.  As a board-certified family physician and the mom of a young child who struggled with feeding,  I am one of you.  

Feeding Made Easy  Podcast

Through my research-based  Feeding Made Easy Podcast,  I hope to show you how you can obtain powerful, actionable knowledge even if feeding your young child fills you with a sense of overwhelm. Knowledge can equal power and a greater sense of having your life back!  

With years of medical experience,  detailed summaries, and research-based topics, Doctor Evka helps to guide you on an empowering journey of understanding when it comes to your young child's feeding concerns.  Her Feeding Made Easy Podcast provides "can't miss" listening to families whose lives are affected by different aspects of feeding an under 5 year old.