Hi! I'm Doctor Evka 

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Online courses and live coaching that take the mystery out of your caregiving journey.  As a family physician, I can guide you to better answers and clearer information.  Leveraging clinical expertise and cutting-edge research, I dissect complex issues into bite-sized pieces.  Knowledge can be power and freedom.


Get a step-by-step plan so that you and your family can thrive.   

Medical Symptoms Should Not Be A Mystery.

Knowledge can equal power and more freedom. 

Empowerment is in your reach when you have a family physician, life coach, and author on the subject as your guide. 

Doctors often do risk and benefit analyses. 

This can happen if you don't get the books and courses written by Eva Cesnek, MD.

You might keep guessing as to why a particular set of symptoms keep occurring

You might feel stuck as you try to figure out how to help without much guidance.  

You might leave doctor's offices without understanding the treatment plan.  

Caring for a loved one can take up all of your time.

Your family member's symptoms might worsen.

Your life might be filled with intense worry as you wait months to see medical specialists or start therapy.  

Get Access to a Guide

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Live Coaching with Doctor Evka:  

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Take one of my upcoming courses or buy one of my books while you wait for the wait list to open.  



Join a group of other families.  

Then do a little happy dance as you watch your worry, confusion,  and overwhelm be replaced by confidence, understanding, and actionable momentum.  

*There are no guarantees that your particular medical savings account or flexible spending account will pay for Reflux Made Simple.  Check your coverage under alternative healers and alternative healers (for treatment of a medical condition.) The medical reason is either reflux or one of your child's other symptoms. 

**Reflux Made Simple are not group medical appointments with a physician.  Doctor Evka is not your or your family's personal physician, nutritionist, or therapist.  

With years of medical experience,  detailed summaries, and research-based topics, Doctor Evka helps to guide you on an empowering journey of understanding when it comes to concerns that you have on your caregiving journey.  Her Doctor Evka Podcast provides "can't miss" listening to families whose lives are affected by different aspects of understanding how role in caring for your loved ones.   The information presented on this platform is for educational purposes only.  I am not your personal physician.  We do not have a physician / patient relationship so go seek the personalized, one-on-one care that you need elsewhere.  Otherwise, I am here for you.