Hi! I'm Doctor Evka 

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#30 MOM LIFE: 

 Reentering the Workforce after Taking a Leave from Work to Care for Your  Child

Perhaps your child just cries and cries.  Perhaps he vomits a lot.  Perhaps she struggles with feeding.  In each of those cases, you might be told, "It's just reflux".  Yet what if it is not?  

A meal planner and health strategist who empowers new moms to get more of their lives back.  Increasing the variety of their children's safe foods while diminishing concerning behaviors.  Helping parents to understand the whole medical picture and get unstuck.  

Do any of these apply to you?  Your child has prolonged, intense episodes of crying. You are concerned about food allergies or  food intolerances including both IgE and non IgE-mediated ones.  Your child struggles with feeding.  The statement, "It is just reflux" somehow seems incomplete.   You want to know more.  (Click the button below to explore some "reflux" related topics.) 

 You've heard that she is a family doctor, feeding physician, life coach, nutritionist, and best selling author, but if you ask her, she will say, "I am another mom just like you, and I get you."  

Imagine that you just fed your child even though... Then all of a sudden, your friend stops by.  She's a feeding / reflux physician.  You laugh.  You cry.  You share stories, and she offers medical explanations and parenting tidbits.  Uplifting you on your journey of parenting your food-challenged child.  Now let's do a socially distanced version of that conversation.   Check Doctor Evka out on social media or work one-on-one.  

There are multiple medical reasons why young children may be more fussy than you might expect.  Did you have a chance to read "The FPIES Handbook" which people described as being a "life saver" in the world of food allergies? It's not the only educational program I have planned.  It's not the only book in the works.   Get medical jargon translated into English when it comes to you and your child.   

Let's get together virtually at my house.   I'll  help get the food ready.  I know that your child has picky eating, food intolerances, or food allergies, but we will figure this out. Just look over our schedule of playdates, lecture series, cooking challenges, or mom's night outs.   Come on over while we talk about you as the mom as well as the the science and medicine of parenting.   

Let's talk about the fear, confusion, and overwhelm of being a new mom when "something seems off".  Let me guide you to a place of courage, understanding, and actionable momentum.

With years of medical experience,  detailed summaries, and research-based topics, Doctor Evka helps to guide you on an empowering journey of understanding when it comes to concerns that you have about  your young child. Her Doctor Evka / Feeding Handbook Podcast provides "can't miss" listening to families whose lives are affected by different aspects of understanding early motherhood when "something seems off".