Doctor Evka 

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Does Your Child Have Any Of These Symptoms? 

Have you been told that your child's symptoms are due to reflux, but your child is not getting much better?

About Doctor Evka

I'm a family doctor trained in feeding therapy, a nutritionist, and a best selling author.  

I have helped hundreds of children who were told they had "reflux". 

They started to thrive after their real medical conditions were revealed and properly treated. 

Schedule a free consultation with me to start your child on the road to true recovery.

Here's why.

You want your child to feel comfortable and to enjoy food.  Instead, your child vomits, cries a lot,  has food intolerances, or shows other feeding challenges.   This leaves you feeling anxious and hopeless. You could instead feel empowered. 

Hi!  I'm Doctor Evka.  I am a mom whose child had symptoms that mimicked reflux.  I was eventually able to help my child, but I never want anyone to feel as scared or alone as I did in those early days. 

 Through my proven system based on all of this expertise, I help relieve reflux related struggles so your child can grow and thrive once again.  Your family can get unstuck. 

Let me show you how to help your family.

Do you agree with the following 3 statements? If so, I have some suggestions. 

You want medical jargon translated into English when it comes to you and your child.  You want to have your questions answered in an understandable way because knowledge can equal power. You deserve a better sense of control over what is going on.  I am a best selling author and a course creator.  My first book - "The FPIES Handbook" - was described as a "life saver" in the world of food allergies.  It's not the only educational program I have planned.  When it comes to babies who cry excessively or young children with feeding challenges, how about I help guide you to a place where you feel stronger and more confident? 

You can gain all of this knowledge about your child's "refluxy" symptoms, but what do you do with it?  You need someone who has day-to-day insight.  Someone who has been there, done that, and can share all of the juicy details of what worked.  I have been where many of you are.   You do not have to do this alone.   I want to be there for you.  I want to provide a practice guide.  


Imagine that you just fed your child even though... Then all of a sudden, your friend stops by.  You laugh.  You cry.  You share stories, and she offers brain hacks.  Uplifting you on your journey of parenting when your child has something other than "just reflux".  Now let's do a socially distanced version of that conversation.   

Let's talk about the fear, confusion, and overwhelm of being a new parent when your child is experiencing any one of any number of reflux mimickers:   vomiting, crying a lot, feeding challenges,  falling off the growth curve, etc. You deserve to be guided to a place of courage, understanding, and actionable momentum.

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Free Training - Limited Spots Available

With years of medical experience,  detailed summaries, and research-based topics, Doctor Evka helps to guide you on an empowering journey of understanding when it comes to concerns that you have about  your young child. Her Doctor Evka / Feeding Handbook Podcast provides "can't miss" listening to families whose lives are affected by different aspects of understanding early motherhood when "something reflux-y seems off" : vomiting, feeding challenges, lots of crying, etc.  The information presented on this platform is for educational purposes only.  I am not your personal physician.  We do not have a physician / patient relationship so go seek the care that you need.