Hi! I'm Doctor Evka 

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How to Work with Doctor Evka

You have discovered Doctor Evka at just the right time - when her feeding platform is still a baby!  That means that together we get to make this platform exactly what you need.  My head is swimming with knowledge, and I need you to tell me how best I can be your guide.  Tell me what you need. No judgement, I promise!  Just create your ideal wish it and send it to me.  Let me know how this platform would be ideal for you,  and together we can  figure out the what and the how.  


This is a judgement-free zone.  Go ahead! What part of feeding in babies, toddlers, or preschoolers would you most like to address? I am listening intently to your ideas. Email me below.  


1 month of 1 on 1 coaching: me, you, and the feeding concerns.... for all of my New  Jersey folks... Email me below.


Want to appear on my Video Podcasts or have me on yours? Want to connect and share? Email me below.

Connect with me (just me, you, and feeding concerns)

When else do many of you get a doctor who is eagerly waiting to say, "Hello!"

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1 : 1 coaching

1 month of 1 on 1 coaching: me, you, and the feeding concerns

Are you ready to pick my brain one on one?  Are you ready to creating some actionable steps to help you along your child's feeding journey?  

This is currently for people living in New Jersey who would love to first meet with me for an initial in-person visit.  Taking plenty of COVID-19 precautions, of course!  We will then meet one-on-one through a secure, online platform every week.  The program is offered for one month at a time.  

Although I am a board-certified family physician, for the purpose of the Doctor Evka platform, I will be your coach. You and your child are expected to see your physicians.  I will provide you with advice, but I will not be your doctor.  I will be a guide on your feeding journey.  

We will start by getting clear with what you and your child need and then coming up with actionable steps to help you get there. 

Want to appear on my Podcast or have me on yours?

Want to be featured in my upcoming books?

Don't worry!  I've already been on different Podcasts, and I am sure that we would have a lot about which to talk. Want to connect?  Fill out the email form above.