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Giving you actionable knowledge regarding the 3 M's of Motherhood 

1.  Mindset regarding parenting

2.  Medicine

3.  Mastery in understanding your child

Doctor Evka, do you have anything to say about?

Three "legal" things:  First, either a male or a female could consider themselves to be a mother.  My job is to serve and not to judge.  Second, although I am a family physician, I am not your doctor or therapist.   Please see your and your child's doctor.  Third, the information presented here is for educational purposes only.  It does not constitute professional medical advice. 

How does your parenting style affect the way that you help feed your child? What kind of a difference does it make in your child’s relationship with food? In the previous part of my Doctor Evka podcast episode (#026), I asked you to do a quiz to see if you were more of a permissive or

When most of us go into parenting, we have a very specific goal in mind: not to irrevocable screw up our children.  Sounds about right.  Doesn’t it? We want to parent them in such a way that we don’t royally “mess them up”.  Do you know what I mean?  Perhaps not, but I’m going to

In the prior part of episode #25, we talked about the link among autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD), and food allergies  I discussed the role of the immune system in these conditions.  For instance, we talked about the role of mast cells.  In this episode, I want to explain this link even

Today is about trusting yourself even when it feels like the rest of the world doesn’t believe you. Today is dedicated to all of those moms whose children have autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, ADD, or ADHD.  You have been asking yourselves a question, “Why does it seem like my child who is

To discuss bullying further, I’ve actually brought on an expert in the field. His name is Dr. Adam Harrison.  He is a lawyer who was previously a physician, and he is going to a true scenario that I’m going to discuss with him.  Doctor Evka:  You think you’re going to have it easy on this podcast,

Listen up!  Trust yourself.  If you think that you have been bullied, then don’t brush this thought aside.  If you think that you have been bullied, tell yourself, “I think that I have been bullied.”  Then get yourself even more familiar with what bullying is.  Listen up, my friends, if you can answer, “Yes!”  to

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The contents of this site are opinions of Doctor Eva LLC (i.e., Doctor Evka)  unless otherwise noted. The information on this site and the products featured are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any type of disease. They are not intended as personalized medical advice. Any decision you make regarding your health and medical treatments should be made with a qualified health provider.  Doctor Eva, LLC (i.e., Doctor Evka) is not your health provider.