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Last updated on May 18, 2021

Does your baby or toddler have ANY of these "reflux-y" symptoms? 

1.  Feeding concerns

2.  Vomiting

3.  "Too much" crying

4.  Poor growth

Treatment differs based upon the diagnosis, but what if you are not certain of the appropriate diagnosis? Is it possible for a caregiver to find the appropriate guidance?


You want to feel empowered and validated.  Maybe that means that the medical team doesn't dismiss you when you say that you're concerned about how your child... Maybe that means that you get told, "We believe you, and here's how we can help."  

But you keep being told that your young child  "has reflux" and "this is all normal" when your intuition tells you otherwise.   But it takes forever to see the appropriate doctor. But when your child gets an evaluation, it is followed by a lot of "we don't know exactly why" or "we don't have a good solution". But even if you do get a diagnosis, you are left with a lot of questions...

You have no idea what to do next or who you can trust.

Hi!  I'm Doctor Evka.

I’m a board-certified family physician, a life coach, and a mother who worried about her young child's "reflux-y" symptoms : crying, feeding challenges, vomiting, "poor growth", etc. Yet very few individuals believed the extent of the problem or knew how to really help!  

I started the Doctor Evka platform when I realized there is an enormous gap in knowledge and resources not only on that different medical diagnoses that have "reflux-y" symptoms but also in how caregivers and their young children get the appropriate help. 

Because of my medical experience, my book knowledge, my various certifications, and my day-to-day experience, I grew to have an actionable knowledge base.  Then I became a life coach to boot!  With what we implemented, my child is almost like a different person, and I have so much more of my life back.  

Let me help!

On the Doctor Evka platform, you will find important  topics clarified.  As a physician and a mom who gets it, I give you the tools to take on your child's "reflux"  related challenges: feeding concerns, vomiting, crying, and "poor growth".  I also turn them into actionable steps that you can start taking today to improve the situation.  To gain powerful understanding of your child, obtain more control over the situation, and get more of your life back, check out my Doctor Evka VLOG or PODCAST.  If you're ready to go all in - and get further results -  then check out of my BOOKS or  PROGRAMS.


Three "legal" things:  First, either a male or a female could consider themselves to be a mother.  My job is to serve and not to judge.  Second, although I am a family physician, I am not your doctor or therapist.   Please see your and your child's doctor.  Third, the information presented here is for educational purposes only.  It does not constitute professional medical advice.