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Take the Mystery out of Symptoms that Mimic Reflux

Get a step-by-step plan so that your child and family can thrive.   

Reflux Made Simple costs about as much as one visit to a new doctor, and some FSA / medical savings accounts accounts pay for it.*

 Your Child's "Reflux" Symptoms Should Not be a Mystery.

When it comes to you health, you want to know the risks and benefits.   

 If you do not join Reflux Made Simple, you risk the following... 

You might keep guessing as to why your child has symptoms like vomiting, feeding challenges, or a lot of crying. 

You might feel lonely as you try to figure out how to help your child without much guidance.  

You might leave doctor's offices without understanding the treatment plan.  

Caring for your child might become so intensive that you have little time leftover to do anything else.  

Your child's symptoms might worse, and they might be more likely to wind up in the hospital.    

Your life might be filled with intense worry as you wait months to see medical specialists or start therapy.  

Your life does not have to be filled with worry, loneliness, and fear.  Join Reflux Made Simple and get enough of what you need for your child and your family to thrive.  

Reflux Made Simple might cost you less than one visit to a new doctor or therapist with subsequent follow up.

Some FSA / medical savings accounts accounts pay for it.*

Main Benefits

Your Subscription Gives You Enough of What You Need to Conquer Your Child's Symptoms which Mimic Reflux: Vomiting, Lots of Crying, Feeding Challenges, etc...

All For Just $47 a month after a $399 initiation fee.

Reflux Made Simple might cost you less than one visit to a new doctor or therapist with subsequent follow up, and some FSA / medical savings accounts accounts pay for it.*

On-demand courses

Our ever-growing library of on-demand courses which can take the mystery out of your child's symptoms and diagnoses. 

Live monthly coaching

Every month, Doctor Evka holds member-only group coaching sessions focused on your mindset and worries. You do not have a mental health diagnosis but want to feel better. 

Virtual "mom's night outs"

We will get together every month for a "mom's night out" where we discuss what has worked in terms of helping decrease your child's symptoms, help your joy enjoy feeding, and find appropriate allergen free foods and recipes.  

An individualized reflux plan

What use is an improved knowledge base without an implementation plan? In Reflux Made Simple, you will get course workbooks that you can personalize.  You also get cheat sheets of what to discuss with your child's medical team.  

All For Just $47 a month after a $399 initiation fee.  

Some FSA / medical savings accounts accounts pay for it.*

The Next Member Exclusive Event  is Happening Soon!s Happening Soon!


Live Coaching with Doctor Evka:  What is Reflux?


All For Just $97 a month after a $399 initiation fee.  

Each course takes the Mystery out of your child's symptoms.

With your Reflux Made Simple subscription,  you get access to all of them.


What might your child's symptoms represent?  Why might your child's vomiting, feeding challenges, or prolonged crying mean? 


Once you think that you have a diagnosis, what do you with the information?  For instance, what is the best way to treat vomiting due to food allergies?


How do I know if your child is getting enough nutrition?  How can you help them to meet their nutritional needs so that they can grow appropriately?


Discover what kind of personality type you and your child have.  How can your child's personality type contribute to their challenges?

More courses are being added regularly.

Life is too short to feel stuck in worry when you are a new parent

and your child has "reflux". 

Are you feeling excluded from activities because of your child's  excess crying, vomiting, feeding challenges, or "poor growth"?  

Are you wondering if your child is "different" and what that may mean? 

Are you wondering why you feel less happy than you might expect? 

Does figuring out the ins and outs of your child's symptoms seem overwhelming? 

It's time to reveal the secret in helping you feel unstuck.  

Sign up to create your account.
Download new food activities and recipes  every month.  Get help with food allergies and feeding challenges.
Join group coaching sessions on how to feel better as a "newer" mom.
Attend virtual "mom's night outs" where we discuss medicine, research-based parenting, childhood development, and our days, of course!
Join the Doctor Evka community for coaching, friendship and accountability. 

Then do a little happy dance as you watch your worry, confusion,  and overwhelm be replaced by confidence, understanding, and actionable momentum.  

If you join the waitlist by September 1, 2021, you will get an unbeatable introductory offer.  This one-time offer will never become available again.   IN THE MEANTIME, YOU CAN STILL WORK WITH ME. 

I know you know, but legal  is making me say this.  This is not a doctor's visit.  

*There are no guarantees that your particular medical savings account or flexible spending account will pay for Reflux Made Simple.  Check your coverage under alternative healers and alternative healers (for treatment of a medical condition.) The medical reason is either reflux or one of your child's other symptoms. 

**Reflux Made Simple are not group medical appointments with a physician.  Doctor Evka is not your or your family's personal physician, nutritionist, or therapist.